Addon: Ingress NGINX

NGINX ingress controller daemonset. By default runs on every node on ports 80 & 443.

  • version: 0.21.0
  • maturity: stable
  • architectures: x86-64, arm64
  • available in: OSS, Pro, EE


    enabled: true
    # node_selector: {}
    # configmap: {}
    # default_backend:
    #   image: my-custom-image:latest
    # tolerations:
    # - key: "key"
    #   operator: "Equal"
    #   value: "value"
    #   effect: "NoSchedule"
    # extra_args: []


  • node_selector - deployment node selector (map), deploys ingress only to matching nodes.
  • configmap - custom configuration (map). For all supported configmap options, see: Ingress NGINX docs
  • default_backend.image - custom image to be used as the default backend for the Nginx Ingress. Expected to fulfill the default backend requirements. Leave empty to use Pharos' own default backend.
  • tolerations - toleration to add to the created daemonset. Given as array of standard toleration objects.
  • extra_args - Extra arguments passed to ingress-nginx controller.

See Ingress NGINX documentation for additional details and more advanced usage.

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