Kontena Pharos

The simple, solid, certified Kubernetes distribution that just works. Deploy and run containers at any scale on any infrastructure. All batteries included.

Kontena Lens Dashboard

We believe setting up and maintaining a complex platform like Kubernetes from scratch is not where the race is won. Just like with Linux, building it once is a good educational experience but not for real use. Kontena Pharos is the complete, maintained and certified Kubernetes distribution that works on-premises, on any cloud and beyond!

Easy to Install, Maintain and Extend

Kontena Pharos is always up-to-date and built from the latest upstream Kubernetes, including a standardized set of essential features. It is easy to install and maintain with the dedicated CLI tool. The standard deployment may be extended with ready made add-ons for most common use cases, or any extras from the Kubernetes ecosystem!

Open Source, Support Available

Kontena Pharos is made available with open core licensing model. The core contains all essential features and is 100% open source on Github under Apache 2 license. You can use it for free, for any purpose. For businesses, we offer commercial version with more functionality under Kontena License. Compare Kontena Pharos editions.


(*) Kontena Pharos PRO edition feature.

Documentation License


This documentation is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License

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